Good health is not just about the absence of physical diseases or illnesses, but it involves healthy mental growth and healthy ways of relating to all individuals.

A positive thought life = a positive attitude!

A positive attitude works wonders for your health and erases negative feelings. It can increase your life span, fight depression, anxiety, and stress and helps your mental well-being.

ACF presents 'SOCIAL-CARE'

ACF Network, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3), organization servicing communities in West Central Georgia providing 'social-care' programs and activities to develop positive mental health outcomes. It is our belief that each person possesses an intrinsic value to society, and it is critical to invest in people to inspire inner change capable of overcoming life's obstacles resulting in stronger and healthier communities.

"Creating opportunities to invest in the minds of individuals"

A Chosen Few (ACF) Network, Inc.​

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